Permits for Whitewater Rafting on the Klamath River

Whitewater rafting permits are not required for non-commercial private rafters or kayakers on the Klamath River. However, commercial whitewater rafting outfitters operate on a permit basis and are required to fill out and submit a trip card at put-in. These trip cards DO NOT need to be submitted by private boaters.

Fire Permits and Restrictions

usfsIf you are camping in California in Klamath National Forest a fire permit is required. California state law requires a permit for all campfires and use of camping stoves on National Forest land. If you are floating and/or camping along the Klamath River, you will need a campfire permit. Campfires include wood fires, charcoal fires, and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel. All fires must be contained in a fire-pan. During extremely dry years all open fires may be restricted.

Bureau of Land ManagementCampfire permits are not required if you are camping in Oregon on Bureau of Land Management property. However, fire-bans may be in effect if it is an extremely dry season. All campfires must be contained in a fire pan or grill.

Images courtesy of All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting